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Illinois Greenbuilt Home Tour


You can tell when summer is about over, because across the country many home tours get under way. I have been fortunate enough to volunteer and work with some great people on two of them this year and they both kick off this weekend. With that, and as one runs for only this weekend (July 26th & […]

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Wacky Weds: Truth in Advertising?


We recently had a nice little hail storm that came through our area over 2 months ago – and wow did that bring out all the storm chasers. Between the actual knocks on the door to illegally placed flyers on & in the mailbox I would say we have had over 25 come through. Just […]

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Guest Post: Creating a compost bin

Completed compost bin

Since moving into our new place we knew we needed to add a compost bin but the question was not only where, but how to build one that could blend in and didn’t cost a mint. In this case we choose a spot close to a shed which while it gets some sun is mostly […]

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My Take: ACI & the Ventilation Debate


This is our second of three articles dealing with the ACI conference I attended back in late April. This one is specifically dealing with ventilation, which includes the Great Ventilation Debate which was originally titled; “The Ventilation Standard Debate – The Real Housewives of 62.2.” As I have stated before – ventilation is needed in […]

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Getting the details right: More than 1 way to skin a cat


No one talks about Building Fight Club… to late we have busted that rule a few times over the years. Interestingly one almost broke out on Wednesday between two parties whom I would least expect it from. It all started with this piece on Green Building Advisor by Allison Bailes – “What Architects need to […]

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Guest Post: Pro Tips and Tricks for Taking Out a Wall


I got to say life is full of interesting coincidences - this time it involves the number eight. After 8 months of apartment living we now get to gladly say we are now home owners again. Yep that is what I jokingly refer to as the lil yellow monster – a single story slab on grade ranch home that lets […]

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My Take: ACI 2014 part 1


My last week of April & early May was filled up by conferences that included ACI National & a regional EEBA conference on Houses that Work. While the EEBA conference is locked down to one session, trying to choose just one session in each block at ACI was challenging, as there were so many good […]

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Hometalk & Guest Post: Top 3 Spring Home Maintenance Projects


A little over a year & a half ago we were referred to HomeTalk by our good friend Paul Hamtil of Hamtil Construction. HomeTalk is a site designed primarily for homeowners looking for advice &/or wanting to show off their DIY projects or crafts. Ahh but what’s so special about that, aren’t there thousand of sites like that? Well […]

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FAQ: Should I insulate my Water Heater?


So there you are walking through your favorite home improvement store and there is an insulation blanket or kit for water heaters. Hmm, does that really work? Maybe you pull your smartphone out & it brings you to a piece like this one from EPA’s Earth Month where it states “Improve your water heater’s insulation by wrapping […]

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6 Easy Tips for Toddler-Proofing Your Home


“Anybody who has experience with young children and infants knows that they are more than capable of finding ways to injure themselves in your home. However, there are several measures you can take to ensure your home is “childproof”, and to minimize the risk of injury to kids in your home or apartment.” Todays piece […]

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