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Guest Article: Water & Fire Damage Claims –Things You Need To Know


This week we have a great piece by Nolan Wright. Mr. Wright is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Trilogy Restoration which primarily works in the Austin / San Antonio areas. He has been working in the restoration industry for several years and enjoys educating people on the home restoration industry. He is an avid writer […]

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Guest Post: What is an RFI & is it Right for Me?


Not sure becoming a RESNET HERS rater is right for you as you like being in the field & not stuck behind a computer screen? Are you a Rater looking for an extra hand to handle all the compliance testing? Have you heard of RESNET’s Rating Field Inspector (RFI) certification, it might just be the […]

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FAQ: Who reigns supreme? Codes Vs. Manufacturers Vs….


If you have been in the building industry any length of time, you know how confusing things can get with manufacturers stating you need to do X, which might be opposite of what the codes state, or figuring out which code applies. Recently, I got the following note regarding our article on attic hatches: Corning […]

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Wacky Weds: A distilleries secret weapon – Power


A couple of weekends ago we arranged a mini-vacation up to Galena, Illinois. As part of this mini vacation we took a trip to Blaum Brothers Distillery for one of there tours. Like many other similar tours there is the obligatory pallets of hops, barley, &/or corn… The smiling tour guide & the nice shiny equipment & wow – […]

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Wacky Weds: A very bad money saving technique


Oh my, just from the distance I figured there was an issue, which when one considers this house is probably worth half a million or more… Can’t see it, well lets move in a little closer I know a few sharp eyes have probably figured it out, but how about we get a little closer… […]

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Fix a Leak Week Reminder


This is the EPA’s 6th Fix a Leak Week program & since it’s inception they have chosen March to time to remind Americans to check their household fixtures and irrigation systems for leaks. Unlike past years where we delved into a specific area or aspect, I am simply going to share with you their fact sheet. The […]

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FAQ: What decking material should I use


You can say one nice thing about lawsuits, they tend to grab ones attention & ask questions that they probably had never even considered before. For example after being quoted in a recent article saying “In some cases decking is installed in places where it wouldn’t be recommend…” I received the following email; I am trying […]

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FAQ: How often should I replace my smoke detector?


This is the final piece on Daylight Savings Time & Smoke Detectors. In this one we ask the final question, just how long is the unit good for aka when should I replace it? While many manufacturers state 10 years (and for newer units a “replace by date” is listed) we recommend every 5 years […]

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FAQ: Do I really need to test smoke detector monthly?


Yes, for a few reasons. The primary reason for a stand-alone system is to make sure the battery is still alive & the unit is working properly. For interconnected units which will set every unit off, this is to ensure that a mouse or other critter hasn’t done any damage. Most have a simple “test” […]

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FAQ: Smoke Detectors, Batteries, & DST?


I am not sure you have caught it yet on the news or around the water cooler, but this Sunday marks the start of Daylight Savings Time (DST.) You can almost be guaranteed a piece on a clock shop & a reminder to change out your smoke detectors batteries. Amazingly most forget to mention your carbon monoxide batteries. With […]

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