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Notes from the Field: The AHRI Directory


The AHRI’s (Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute) directory is an awesome tool & can even be considered a god-send by many. Why & what is it? The AHRI is a globally recognized and industry testing & certification program which produces a certificate much like the NFRC label you would see on a window. However […]

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Notes from the field: Multi Point Test


In our area, some code jurisdictions are now requiring a “multi-point” blower door test, instead of the more standard & improved “single-point” test for code compliance verifications. For many that have undergone just BPI training or were trained before RESNET adopted (802.6) this as another “verification” protocol many have a deer in the headlight look. While I […]

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Notes from the field: Single Point Test & TecTite


When completing Code Compliance Testing or doing a “Verified” Rating one has two options when it comes to Blower Door Tests. Today we are going to look at the single point test (802.5) using a smartphone app from The Energy Conservatory (EC) called iTec RESNET. We are also going to look at an issue that can dramatically impact […]

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Guest Post: The future of building codes & green building programs


First off I would like to thank Christopher Hill of Construction Law Musings for allowing me the opportunity to post on his site for a fourth time. I really am honored & humbled by the invitation. This is the time of year when many spend a little time to look back at the year & then […]

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Basic Energy Audit Questionnaire & Checklists


Recently it was brought up that we should post a Basic Audit Questionnaire & Checklist like we did for Kitchens & Baths. The biggest issue with this though is that many questionnaires are developed to meet a programs guidelines or a specific companies focus. So in that vein, I thought I would share a few versions […]

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Notes from the field: Always double check your settings


When one starts off doing energy audits, it generally takes them awhile to get a set system in place so they don’t forget a step. One of the biggest issues for many is making sure there diagnostic equipment is not only hooked up properly, but the settings are correct, especially for the manometer. While there are […]

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Alabama’s New Duct testing requirement goes into effect???


As many know Alabama adopted a new Residential Building & Energy Code which went into effect last October. One part of this was a delay placed on when the mandatory duct testing, insulation & building envelope leakage that was to go into effect today (July 1st 2013). Well welcome to the state of confusion, I […]

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Infrared Fun


Sometimes one just needs a laugh or head scratcher, so in honor of April Fool’s Day here are a few cool, funny, & head scratching infrared pics we had… So, hot off the press our newest post… I guess this was the painters idea of an April Fools joke… (Visible) Isn’t it amazing what infrared […]

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Notes from the Field: A tale of two reports & getting your money’s worth


Infrared Thermography is a very interesting field and if variety is the spice of life, who can argue with spending one day in the mechanical rooms of a hospital and the next seeing everything that goes into making a helicopter simulator work? From lumberyards to newspapers with a sprinkling of manufacturing facilities mixed in; it […]

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LEED Habitat: Targeted Air-Sealing & Pre-Drywall Inspection


It has now been a little over 4 months since the project was started & yes, things are running a tad behind schedule. As I recall the completion date was originally scheduled for the end of this month & it has now been bumped till the end of June. As of this moment they now […]

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