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BS4D: Termites

irc termite probablity sheet

Have you ever heard the saying, if you could just keep the water out of homes, they would last forever. Well there is one more character out there which can be just as insidious & even more crafty… This map goes by many names but most refer to it as simply TIPS or TIP Zones which shows the possibility that […]

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BS4D: The Fire Sprinklers & Air Barrier conundrum


Ahh the dreaded question, just how does one comply with the codes when they conflict with each other? In this case how does one install fire sprinklers, while keeping them in conditioned space so they don’t freeze while ensuring that insulation stays in continuous contact with the air-barrier? Well what happens in most cases is you sweet […]

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BS4D: Saving on Heating Related Energy Costs


For the bulk of the year, energy costs are not a big concern to many and instead most calls relate to comfort, safety or health issues. We are now starting to get to an interesting time of year of when energy costs actually become more of a concern for many. The reason; good ole man […]

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BS4D: But my house needs to breathe…


When it comes to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) there is a ton of good information out there & likewise there is a ton of bad information out there. While many of us might have thought that the corner was turned on the whole “my house needs to breathe” myth, it appears that might not be […]

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BS4D: Air Barrier’s


An Air Barrier is technically defined as an item that has been tested to only allow for a certain amount of air to pass or permeate through it. The official standard is that an item should have an air permeance level of less than 0.02 L/(s•m2) @ 75 Pa (0.004 cfm/ft2 @ 1.57 lb/ft2.) In […]

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BS4D: 10 simple rules to remember


Whether you are tradesmen, builder, architect, designer, or… there are a few simple rules that if you remember & apply will help keep you out of trouble not only now, but well into the future… Hot moves to cold Wet moves to dry Everything expands & contracts Water is like Murphy’s law & it wants […]

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BS4D: The truth behind a watched pot never…


While “a watched pot never boils” has been proven to be incorrect, did you know there is an interesting phenomenon that makes that perception feel like reality?  How about water can be at 32° F and still not be frozen? Well lets introduce you to two interesting terms; latent & sensible heat and see how […]

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BS4D: Ice Dam’s, Icicles & Attic Condensation, Oh My…


Living in Arizona, I used to love traveling up to Flagstaff especially during the winter months. One of my favorite places was the Little America as not only did they have a huge roaring fire, an awesome buffet, great Christmas light display, but some of the largest icicles I have ever seen. Ahhh if I had […]

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Building Science 4 Dummies: Mold


Just mentioning the word mold or as it is known across the pond as “mould” is enough to send some people directly into panic mode. With the toxic mold scare from years ago many insurance companies (especially after losing millions) no longer cover mold damage or remediation as they consider it a “maintenance” issue. There’s […]

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Building Science 4 Dummies: NFRC Labels (Windows, Doors, Skylights)


The NFRC or National Fenestration Rating Council basically tests & labels glass products used on buildings like doors, windows, and skylights. The label will include who the manufacturer is, a brief description of the product, and the official ratings for one or more of performance characteristics for that product. The NFRC’s also has an online […]

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